4S Ranch Estate Planning Attorney

Here at Jenkins & Jenkins, our team of legal experts can assist you in planning your estate, which will benefit you in several different ways. First, having an estate plan will allow you and your loved ones to avoid probate, making the legal process much easier to navigate for your surviving family members or those caring for you during incapacity. Also, our estate planning attorneys in 4S Ranch can help you draft a legally valid Last Will & Testament and/or Living Trust, which will simplify the process of allocating your assets once you pass away.


Ultimately, the services of our 4S Ranch estate planning attorneys will allow you to manage your estate and take care of your loved ones. Here is how we can help you devise a plan that will accommodate your needs:

Creating a Trust with Our Estate Planning Attorneys in 4S Ranch

Our estate planning attorneys in 4S Ranch have ample experience when it comes to establishing a trust that not only helps bolster your estate plan, but also ensures that you can protect your closest family members. Trusts not only allow your loved ones to avoid probate when you pass away, but you are also able to exert control over your assets and distributing them the way you see fit. Here are some of the benefits of creating a trust:

  • Avoiding probate, which can be extremely time-consuming and costly for family
  • Taking control of your assets instead of leaving things to generic law
  • Preventing private information from becoming accessible to outside parties
  • Optimizing how your loved one’s inherit
  • Providing certainty and peace of mind for your family

Drafting a Last Will and Testament With the Assistance of Our 4S Ranch Estate Planning Attorneys

You have the power to designate who you wish to receive portions of your assets once you pass away. Our estate planning attorneys in 4S Ranch will systemically review all of your options and create a plan to administer your estate according to your best wishes. You are ultimately making things a lot easier on your family because they will know exactly what you would want.

Here are the advantages of having a Last Will & Testament:

  • Having the choice to distribute assets and property
  • Naming legal guardians for children who are minors
  • Choosing the executor of your estate (someone who carries out all of your requests/requirements)

Developing a Power of Attorney

This is a legal tool that prevents the court system from intervening when you need someone to make financial and medical decisions on your behalf. When drafting this particular legal document, you must consider every criterion that is pertinent to your situation. For example, you can name multiple people to handle important decisions that have to deal with personal finances, taxes, medical wishes, and more.

Here is why you need powers of attorney:

  • Avoiding a conservatorship, which will require the court’s involvement
  • Avoiding any delays caused by court proceedings
  • Having someone you trust to handle your affairs
  • Providing guidance to family surrounding your wishes

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Why wait another minute to plan your estate? The attorneys here at Jenkins & Jenkins are incredibly reliable when it comes to providing you with personalized attention and accommodating all of your legal needs. We serve a wide range of clients throughout 4S Ranch and the surrounding areas in southern California.

Ultimately, the goal of our estate planning attorneys in 4S Ranch is to provide you with greater control over your assets and protect your loved ones. We can guarantee that the structure of your estate plan will meet all of your requirements — you can rest assured knowing that you are taking care of everything you own and possess. Schedule an appointment with us today!