Del Mar Estate Planning Attorney

If you’re getting up there in age, and are realizing that now is the time to begin planning your estate, we’re here to help. Our Del Mar estate planning attorneys understand that this is a sensitive subject, but you will be eliminating a lot of legal difficulties by hiring our experts. Our goal is to ensure that the residents of Del Mar have all the tools at their disposal to oversee and distribute their assets. We can help you make those tough decisions and help you avoid any legal disputes.


Here at Jenkins & Jenkins, our team of estate planning lawyers in Del Mar can help make the process of planning your estate a lot simpler. We possess all the experience and qualifications to ensure that you are managing your assets properly. We work with a wide range of clients who all have specific needs, so you should always feel comfortable when working with our team of experts.

What You Can Expect Working With Our Estate Planning Attorneys in Del Mar

If you have never working with estate planning attorneys in Del Mar before, it’s understandable that you may have some questions. Here is what you should expect when you hire our services: 

Calculating and Taking Inventory of Your Assets

 Everything you own or possess plays a role in how you account for all of your assets. We will establish a comprehensive list to help determine the best plan for you based on what all we’re planning around. Before your initial appointment, be sure to take stock of the assets you own, so that we can have a customized discussion based on your scenario to provide the best advice.

Have an Idea About How You Plan on Managing Your Assets

Estate planning has a lot of nuances in terms of the legal process. If you are unsure about something, ask questions – try to learn as much as you can about how everything works. Keep in mind that we are drafting the legal documents for you, which is why it’s important to have a full understanding of what we do and how the plan all works together. Ultimately, we want to devise and execute a plan according to your best wishes for your loved ones.

Develop a Comprehensive Plan

Once we get some of the basics out of the way, you can then begin the process of planning some of the more intricate aspects of your estate. Take the opportunity to explore all of your options with us and allow us to lead you through things you’ve likely never considered. You don’t want there to be inconsistencies or discrepancies in your plan, so take your time and consider how you want to manage your assets based on a whole picture of what you’re planning around and what your ultimate goals are.

Drafting a Last Will and Testament With the Assistance of Our 4S Ranch Estate Planning Attorneys

You have the power to designate who you wish to receive portions of your assets once you pass away. Our estate planning attorneys in 4S Ranch will systemically review all of your options and create a plan to administer your estate according to your best wishes. You are ultimately making things a lot easier on your family because they will know exactly what you would want.

Here are the advantages of having a Last Will & Testament:

  • Having the choice to distribute assets and property
  • Naming legal guardians for children who are minors
  • Choosing the executor of your estate (someone who carries out all of your requests/requirements)

Schedule an Appointment with Our Del Mar Estate Planning Attorneys Today

Now is the time to establish a plan for how you handle and manage your estate. The estate planning attorneys in Del Mar here at Jenkins & Jenkins provide all the necessary legal services to ensure that you are in good hands. Settling your estate will bring peace of mind and make you feel more comfortable about how you manage your assets. Call us today to learn more about how we can assist you.