Del Sur Estate Planning Attorneys

Estate planning services are incredibly reliable and resourceful when it comes to providing financial protection for your family after you pass away. Moreover, it takes time and diligence to plan your estate, as well as assistance from an estate planning lawyer in Del Sur to systemize your assets and review all of your legal options. Ultimately, you need to ask yourself this question — What is going to happen to your loved ones after you pass away?


Estate planning is not only essential, but it will simplify the legal process for your family when you are gone. Also, keep in mind you don’t need to be wealthy to have an estate plan in the first place. Ultimately, what you are doing is bypassing legal obstacles and preventing any turmoil among your family members, while setting up your loved ones in the best way possible.

Avoiding Probate with the Help of an Estate Planning Lawyer in Del Sur

Avoiding Probate with the Help of an Estate Planning Attorney in Del Sur

Let’s face it, probate is never fun for anyone to go through, and it can cause divisions in your family. Also, probate is incredibly time-consuming because the court system has to appoint an executor who will then oversee the process of settling your estate. Furthermore, once probate begins, those records will become available to the public, which can raise privacy concerns amongst your family.

Drafting a Last Will & Testament

Your Last Will & Testament plays a small role in how you distribute your assets after you pass away once you incorporate a Trust into your estate plan, but it is important nonetheless. This particular document allows you to ensure that all property you left in your personal name without a beneficiary ends up in your Trust, and will also name your preferred Guardians for minor children. The legal experts here at Jenkins & Jenkins in Del Sur will ensure that you are executing a plan that suits all of your needs.

Legal Protection for When You Are Incapacitated

When planning your estate, you are not only taking your death into account. Our services will provide you with legal protection in the event of a sudden medical calamity via a set of documents known as powers of attorney. For example, let’s say you sustain significant injuries in a car crash, causing you to become incapacitated. Powers of attorney ensure that you can choose who is going to make important medical and financial decisions for you, without having them go through a burdensome Court process.

Creating a Living Trust

 A living trust is a legal tool that gives you more control over your estate in several different ways. You are essentially granting legal ownership of your financial assets and properties to the trust, retaining full use and control of the property while you’re alive, and detailing exactly what should happen to the property when you’re no longer around (all while removing the need for Probate Court!). You will also designate a trustee who is essentially in charge of the trust when you’re not around and ensures that assets are transferred according to your directives. Having a living trust allows you to put your money in the hands of the people that you trust most instead of things being supervised by a Court, and it can also help optimize how an inheritance is received

Hire an Estate Planning Attorney in Del Sur with Plenty of Experience

The estate planning attorneys in Del Sur at Jenkins & Jenkins can help plan your estate so that you are able to protect your family and prevent the court system from having to intervene. We have enough experience and legal knowledge to help simplify the process when drafting all the necessary documents. Our goal is to make things easier for you and your family by allowing you to avoid any potential legal difficulties.

Now is the time to schedule an appointment with one of our trusted lawyers to begin planning your estate. Give us a call today and we can provide you with reliable legal services that are available to the many amazing residents of Del Sur and southern California.