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Losing a loved one is never easy, and having to go through the Probate process in California can make a trying time even harder without the right help.

Allow us to help you get through the hurdles of San Diego Probate Court in the easiest way possible, all from the comfort of your home anywhere in the USA


Our Attorneys are Experts in the San Diego Probate process. They will help you get through the Court system in the fastest time possible without unnecessary delays.


Don't live in San Diego? No problem! Our modern convenient process allows us to come to you wherever you may be via Zoom. You do not need to travel back and forth, we've got you covered.


Need to sell a home? Clean out stuff prior or complete minor repairs? No problem! We're connected with top professionals to take care of everything you need.


We became Probate Attorneys after suffering our own personal family losses. We understand first hand what you're going through and we're here to help lift the burden.

There is (or isn't) a Will - Either way, we can help!

Not in San Diego? No Problem! You won’t find a better fit than our firm to take care of your matter virtually. 

Start your probate matter from the comfort of your home – we’ll come to you for a Zoom consultation

We’ll talk through your case and then prepare and file all the necessary pleadings to get your case through the Probate process – no complicated intake forms

We’ll connect you with any needed professional help. Need to sell a house quickly? Need to make minor repairs or clear things out first? Need help dealing with old cars? Need help filing taxes? Need help notifying Government Agencies? – We have you covered! You don’t have to find this help on your own.

Your attorney is directly available to you throughout your Probate process. You won’t be handed off to other staff – work directly with the Attorney assisting with your case. 

We commit to move every Probate case along as fast as possible and prevent any unnecessary delays in the Court system. 

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Our tech-enabled process allows us to help families anywhere with Probate in San Diego, CA without them ever having to leave home. We are rated A+ by the BBB and our clients rave about our service!

Common Questions

We start with a complimentary virtual meeting to learn about what you're dealing with, explain the basics, and piece together a plan for working through your case. Your attorney will guide you on any details needed during and after the meeting based on your unique needs. The Attorney then drafts any needed petitions in Court and will coordinate the Administration from there. We'll partner with you and other trusted professionals throughout the process to efficiently move through the steps. Your Attorney will be directly available to you throughout the administration for any questions as they come up, and will keep careful watch to avoid unnecessary delays.

Yes! We focus our Probate practice to San Diego Courts, almost exclusively. While we will sometimes take an odd case in another venue, we prefer to stay laser focused in San Diego. While Probate Code applies Statewide, every County Court system has their own local rules that may vary (even between Judges at times). It's important to work with an Attorney familiar with the Court system your case is in to avoid delays. 

Probate is not generally a fast and easy process, unfortunately. In San Diego Courts we typically tell our clients to expect 12-15 months before we can wrap things up. Many times we can get through a few months faster if the Court's Calendar is not backed up, but it's rare to make it through in less than 8-9 months. The impacted Court calendar is one of the many reasons you want to use an Attorney who knows San Diego rules well - one missed technicality can cause your case to be kicked back 4-6 months just waiting to get back on the Calendar.

This is a common concern for the families we work with. An inherited home that needs to be sold quickly before bills stack up - but Probate takes 12-15 months! Fortunately, you don't have to wait that whole time to sell. We work diligently to get in front of a Judge and gain authority to sell as soon as possible. Typically we can get you the green light in 8-12 weeks depending on the court calendar. In that time we will help you coordinate any minor repairs on the property and get it listed with a trusted Real Estate Agent competent in Probate sales. We can also work with the existing lender to make sure they are aware of our proceedings and delay any foreclosure proceedings if this is a concern.

No! When you hire our firm we will write all needed petitions to the Court, perfect those petitions ahead of the hearings as needed, notify all parties involved, and personally appear in all Probate hearings on your behalf. For routine Probate matters, there will never be a need for you to be in San Diego physically for a Court hearing. 

No! Why sit through traffic, take multiple days off work, or fly in from out of town just to come into an attorney's office? Our virtual approach allows us to come to you without losing the touch of personal service. Signatures are easily gathered using e-signing capabilities, and if a document needs to be notarized a notary local to you can be used. Stay in touch with your attorney anytime via phone, text, email, or Zoom, at your preference, without losing any valuable time. 

Attorney fees for typical uncontested California Probate cases are set by §Probate code 10810 and are ordered by a Judge after review. They break down like this: 4% of the first $100k in gross estate value, 3% of the next $100k, 2% of the next $800k, 1% of the next $9M, etc. The executor/administrator (you) is also entitled to this reimbursement should they choose. 

Other fees in the Probate process include Court filing fees, Publication fees, Fees to Serve Notice, Probate Referee fess, etc. - your Attorney will discuss what to expect on these based on your case details. 

Attorney fees typically aren't collected until the end of the process after the Court has approved our final petition and we can finally distribute funds to the heirs.

We typically collect a retainer fee up front to cover the costs of getting your case into Probate court (filing, publication, etc.). Your Attorney will discuss this with you and work with you based on your circumstances. 

Let us help you shoulder the burden and move your Probate case along efficiently

We get it, Probate isn’t exactly the most fun thing in the world, but it can be made much worse when you don’t have good help through the process. Allow our team of San Diego Probate Attorneys to help you get through the Court system in the most efficient way possible. 

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