Rancho Penasquitos Trust & Estate Planning Lawyers

Rancho Penasquitos Trust & Estate Planning Lawyers

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Contact us today for a free strategy session with a Rancho Penasquitos Estate Planning Attorney who will answer all your questions regarding establishing your Trust, Will, and other Estate Planning options to fit you and your needs. All Rancho Penasquitos families are offered a free strategy session when you reach out to us. During this session we will learn all about you – your story, your goals, and your situation – and we’ll cover the basics of Estate Planning so that we can design a plan specifically for you. As well as covering basic Estate Planning, we’ll go over other components like Trust Administration, Probate, and Business Formation so that you will understand the planning that goes into every element of your estate. If you already have an Estate Plan in place, we’ll be happy to review it at no cost to ensure that it reflects what is best for you.

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Our philosophy is simple; we do Carmel Valley Estate Planning –  as it should be done. We offer an unmatched level of personal service to our clients while ensuring cost is never an issue when it comes to obtaining needed protection of your estate. Your attorney will handle your entire case from start to finish and will be readily available to you throughout the process.

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At Jenkins & Jenkins, we are a wife and husband team that work hard to inform our clients of everything surrounding Estate Planning. We know learning about Estate Planning can be overwhelming and that there is a copious amount of misinformation regarding the topic. We aim to inform and assist Rancho Penasquitos families in structuring an Estate Plan and in establishing devices such as a Trust, Will, and Powers of Attorney. We are also here to assist families after the passing of a loved one and in understanding the Trust Administration and Probate process.

Every Probate case that we help Rancho Penasquitos families with adds to our ongoing knowledge of the practice of Estate Planning, and we always aim to add in strategies for avoiding unique things we encounter along the way into our Rancho Penasquitos Estate Plans. We are dedicated to never settle for the way things have always been done or a generic template, but instead to continuously craft the art of Rancho Penasquitos Estate Planning and pass that knowledge on to the families we serve. We want to ensure we aren’t just giving you a generic product, but instead an invaluable legal service founded on a bedrock of practical knowledge and experience. Delivering top notch legal care is the foundation of Estate Planning Law Firm.

We know that Rancho Penasquitos families need to be able to afford our services, so we utilize flat fee pricing for the majority of our Estate Plans. We strive to provide affordable, top notch legal services to the families of Ranchos Penasquitos.

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Settled in the northeastern part of San Diego, Rancho Penasquitos is named for its “little cliffs,” peaks, and valleys. The area is primarily residential and is devoted to preserving it’s natural landscape by keeping commercial development to a minimum. The community focuses on highlighting it’s parks, open spaces, recreation centers, and library, which are there for the comfort and enjoyment of the community’s many families. As an area rich in families, we serve those Rancho Penasquitos families by creating Estate Plans that work for you so that you do not have to spend unnecessary time and money trying to access the ready-made plan the State sets up for you if you don’t set one up yourself.

Some Rancho Penasquitos families can manage with just a Will and Power of Attorney, but others may need to incorporate a Living Trust, Revocable Trust, or Family Trust into their plan. Rancho Penasquitos families that will need to incorporate these Trusts are those who: have minor children, own real property, own assets with a gross value of over $166, 250, or wish to place guidelines or structure around how someone will inherit their Estate. Rancho Penasquitos is a community rich in families that we aim to serve for all their Estate Planning needs.

We want to ensure that you find an Estate Plan which is the best for you and your family with a Rancho Penasquitos Estate Planning Attorney that you trust and enjoy working with. Only an Estate Planning Attorney can guide you on a path that is beneficial to you and your unique situation in conjunction with any other financial or tax professionals you already work with or need to establish a relationship with. 

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When you’re ready to establish your Ranchos Penasquitos Estate Plan, we’re here to help. Please feel free to call, email, or message us at any time to discuss your needs. We offer all our clients a free strategy session so we can get to know you, your situation, your goals, cover the basics of Estate Planning, and work to start designing and structuring your plan. We’ll go over all the pieces of an Estate Plan and help you learn what needs to be a part of your plan to reach your planning goals. If you have any questions prior to setting up your strategy session, please do not hesitate to call or email and ask us whatever you need!

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