Probate Attorneys in San Diego

When someone passes without a proper estate plan or alternative plan in place, their estate may have to pass through a court supervised process known as Probate. This process oversees the payment of liabilities and distribution of assets. Generally, probate can be an expensive and drawn-out process which we dedicate our practice to avoiding for our clients. Even with the increase in families using living trusts to avoid Probate, many estates still end up going through this court process. 

If your loved one passed away without a plan in place, contact Jenkins & Jenkins, Estate Planning Attorneys to sit down for a free strategy session. We’ll discuss the easiest ways possible to take care of the estate, look for any opportunity to avoid the Probate process, and when necessary help you take the estate through the entire Probate process. While Probate is not the ideal way to pass things on to loved ones, we’ll help you get through the process as efficiently as possible. 

“Caroline and Michael were great in helping me through Probate for my mom. They explained the whole process, updated me every step of the way, and moved things along as fast as they could.”



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