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o matter your age or what degree of wealth you’ve accumulated, you need an estate plan to protect yourself, provide for your loved ones, and preserve your assets. Many law firms and attorneys “tack on” estate planning to their service offerings, but generally only provide boilerplate forms with limited customization. We strive to develop a personalized plan for each of our clients that best protects you, your family, and your wealth; while ensuring your wishes are followed both during life and upon passing.

With experience in trust administration and probate, we know what to incorporate into your documents to ensure a smooth process and what to avoid to prevent any conflict or questions. Whether you have a modest estate or expansive holdings, with our estate planning services you will have the peace of mind that your estate is in order and your legacy is secured.


Not all estate plans are created equal, and what’s right for one person is not necessarily right for the next. Contact our office to schedule your free strategy session and learn how your estate should be structured to best accomplish your personal goals.

“Michael and Caroline are knowledgeable, caring, and heart-centered. I highly recommend them if you are looking to have your trust/will drawn up or updated.”

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